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June 19, 2018

MSI CX62 2QD-266MY Gaming Laptop Review

Today we will review the MSI CX62 2QD-266MY gaming laptop, a great notebook that has fast hardware and an affordable price


There are many factors we should bear in mind when choosing our laptop. However, if we learn the most important requirements to buy the ideal device, we can easily save money and avoid any kind of frustrations after our purchase.

MSI CX62 2QD-266MY Overview

The MSI CX62 2QD-266MY laptop has been released worldwide in 2016 and is now also available in Malaysia. It as a very attractive price, considering it has a quad core processor, and an excellent hardware set up.

With a quad core processor from the Broadwell generation of Intel chips, this laptop is ideal to handle heavy software and games. The i7-5700HQ processor has an excellent benchmark, even comparable to many laptops from the 6th generation of Intel chips (Skylake). The processor is the main component to be checked on a notebook, and if you are a gamer, make sure that processor is an Intel quad core.

With a 1 TB SATA hard drive, you will have plenty of storage space for programs, photos, videos and even 4k movies. One of its less interesting hardware aspects is that it comes with just 4GB DDR3 RAM, which is far too low for an upper range laptop, like the MSI CX62 is.

You can easily solve that by expanding your RAM to a minimum of 8GB and ideally to 16 GB.

This laptop also has a dedicated video card, which is essential for gamers. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 940M has 2 GB of memory, and it is a mid range graphics card, which will allow you to play most games with a decent FPS rate.

Where to Buy your MSI CX62 2QD-266MY Laptop?

In Malaysia one option to buy the MSI CX62 is Lazada, and for the price it is being offered, I would cosider it a great purchase.

MSI CX62 2QD-266MY Gaming Notebook (i7-5700hQ 2.70Ghz,1TB HD,4GB,Nivida GT940M-2GB,15.6″ FHD,Win 10)


Click here to buy this laptop on Lazada.

Processor: i5-6700hq
Display: 15.6 inch Full HD
Storage: 1TB HDD

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